PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A high protein alternative to soy and animal products, our natural raw enzyme sprouted Organic Silk Brown Rice Protein Concentrate has a silky smooth texture and higher protein content than other rice protein powders.

Our Organic Brown Rice Protein has 80% protein content, improved taste and is more easily digested, hypoallergenic and a vegetarian/vegan source of protein. Ideal for those with gastrointestinal sensitivity to milk, wheat, soy and other proteins. Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is gluten free, vegan and contains no milk, soy, wheat, eggs, corn, yeast, herbs, preservatives, coloring or anything artificial.

This protein is made using an all natural process that does not involve the use of chemical solvents.

Japanese studies presented at a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization symposium in 2004 indicate that sprouting rice by soaking it in warm water for 8 to 24 hours can increase fiber by as much as four times, B vitamins and magnesium by as much as three times and gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) by as much as 10 times. Sprouting whole grains breaks down their phytic acid, which hampers the absorption of minerals, like the magnesium, calcium and zinc in rice. Decreasing the phytic acid makes these important minerals more bioavailable to your body.

What makes this product so exciting is that through both fermenting and sprouting it may actually allow you to digest, absorb and utilize the protein and amino acids from the rice. Traditionally grains would need to be combined in order to get the most out of the protein found in the grain. This process of sprouting and fermenting allows it to be a stand alone product.


INGREDIENTS: 23 grams of high-quality protein per 28 gram serving – 80% ProteinLow in sodium100% plant-based protein and non-GMOHighly soluble and easy to digestTotally raw with no heat usedHypoallergenic – 100% free of gluten, soy, and cholesterolEnvironmentally friendly source of protein98% digestion efficiency & correlation rate to mother’s milkHighly suitable for sustainable agricultureBio-fermentation – combines the sprouted endosperm and bran from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice


DIRECTION OF USE: Mix 3.5 level tablespoons / 1 ounce (28 grams ) with 12 ounces of cold water, skim milk or juice and thoroughly mix in a blender, shaker or with a spoon for 20-30 seconds. For best results, consume 1-2 servings daily, with one serving post exercise. Can also be blended into your favorite smoothie.


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